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May 27, 2018

Why People Hate Their Jobs

why people hate their jobs

I came across this article online recently and had to share it because I had and have a very hard time comprehending why people hate their jobs. So sad that so many people go to work every day hating what they do.

We all need to work for a living, and many of us work really hard.

So that being the case, WHY would you want to work hard doing something you hate?? It doesn’t make any sense considering anyone can live a reich and rewarding life owning a bus of their own and work hard to live a lifestyle of THEIR dreams instead of working their ass off for someone else.

I copy/pasted part of the article below – a the end is a link to the original – read it and let me know your thoughts. why people hate their jobs



By J.T. O’DonnellFounder and CEO,

I Spent 15 Years Studying Why People Hate Their Jobs. This Is the Top Reason Why

Here’s the biggest reason people choose unfulfilling careers.

Finding a career path that makes us feel satisfied and successful isn’t easy. It’s not something they teach us in school, which makes the journey that much more challenging.

For the past 15 years, I’ve been devoted to studying the deep disconnect people feel between themselves and their jobs, and the findings are disturbing.

We spend one-third (or more) of our days at work. Work defines us as people, i.e., when we aren’t happy at work, other areas of our life suffer. Yet more than 70 percent of workers say they don’t feel satisfied with their career choices, and I believe we have serious epidemic on our hands.

How many times have you heard about people who end up sick, depressed, divorced, abusing substances, etc., because they’re unhappy with their careers? What if they liked their jobs instead? Couldn’t significantly improving attitudes toward work have a huge impact on the health and welfare of our society?

I have worked with thousands of people on their career challenges, and one reason for job dissatisfaction stands out as the most common.

It’s called praise addiction.

We’ve been trained to seek out incentives like good grades, stickers, trophies, and yes, praise. We like to be liked. More important, we like to be respected. We want people to be impressed with us. It gives us a temporary feeling of happiness.

The problem is we end up making career choices to impress other people so we can feel that fleeting rush of validation. In the process, we lose sight of what makes us truly happy. With each career move, we get unhappier. The more we try to impress, the more frustrated we feel.

So What Do You Do?

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The Story About Bob

Does This Story About Bob Sound Familiar To You, Or Anyone You Might Know?

Bob is a 54 years old and 35 lb. overweight.

He has 3 children from his first wife and has helped raise 2 more with his 2nd wife’s kids.
Out of them all, 1 has a career, 1 just enlisted the military, 1 just went to college, and the other 2 are floundering. They just got out of High School, are unmotivated and floundering. He hopes they get jobs soon because he is tired of feeding them.

Bob’s wife Sally is about 40lb. overweight as well, and recently she got diabetes.
She works part time in the local Subway slinging mayonnaise on sandwiches for a little extra money.

She had a good job with a local attorney until she got diabetes. When she was out for medical issues, her boss hired a young blond to fill in. The scumbag laid her off and is now getting divorced.

Bob and the wife had once dreamt of retiring to Florida, but they are coming to the cold hard realization that their retirement dreams are slipping away.

He used to think he could quit at 65 or 67, but as it now stands, he has serious doubts. It’s beginning to look like he is going to have to work for the rest of his life.

  • The divorce from his first wife 10 years ago set him back
  • Raising step kids with a 1/2 deadbeat dad slowed the retirement saving.
  • The dot com bubble obliterated his 401k and it never came back.
  • The Real Estate correction wiped-out the equity in the house, not that is was that much, but it was something.
  • Property taxes and insurance go up every year and its hard enough keeping them current!
  • Credit card debit is manageable, but high. However, the credit ratios are high so his scores are low and he is paying high interest charges on everything.
  • The house needs work and he can’t sell it for much more than he owes unless he fixes it up. However, he lacks the cash to do anything so he is stuck in a bit of a “Catch 22” situation.

As for the job, The overtime he used to get vanished with the economic collapse and Pay raises and Christmas bonuses went out the window too.

Heck – he’s just happy to have a job because most of the competition went out of business, or moved to China and half of his friends lost their jobs.

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