February 10, 2018

The Book That Changed My Life

rich dad poor dad

Have You Read It?

In 1995, everything changed for me.

I read a book that changed my life.
It made me quit the commercial fishing business and go in a completely different direction.

FYI: Commercial fishing is called a business but in reality, it is a JOB. You don’t make money if the boat isn’t working, and the only way to keep it on the high seas is to be on it.

Here’s what happened:
I’m working like a dog – my boat comes in on Sunday morning and leaves again in Sunday afternoon – I’m offshore one week and on-shore the next.

I was making a nice living for my family, and they had all of the “Toys”.
Vacations, Nice Clothes, Fancy Sneakers, New Bikes and Surfboards, etc.

However, I was working like a dog!

The week I was home, I’d be doing paperwork, selling fish, arranging for boat repairs, and recovering from working 20 hours per day for the 7 days offshore.

…. and at 35, I had already had a hip replacement.
I was burt-out.

On one of my trips to Price Club for the next weeks supplies, I happen to walk by the book table they have in the middle of the store and came across a book titled:“Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

I’ll never forget that day, because it changed my life!

So I pick it up and began flipping through the pages, when I see something that stops me dead in my tracks.


I see THIS illustration:


And it hit me:
I’m in the upper left corner, the “E” corner!

I’m exchanging time for money. Admitted, I’m making good money, but I’m in the wrong quadrant!


In the book, Robert Kiyosaki suggests that that you follow a structured approach to get to “The Promised Land”:

  • You go from “Employed” to “Self Employed”…
  • Then from “Self Employed” to “Business Owner”…

And then from “Business Owner” to “Investor” where your money works for you

Well – I was in the E section because I had to WORK.

Now, you need to know THIS about me:

I make decisions pretty quickly –  I don’t sit around long.

So I decided right then and there I was going to change whatever needed changing so I could go from “E” to “B.”

I had already lost my a$$ in stocks and commodities, so I decided to stick with businesses and real estate.

And for me, that meant owning businesses that would pay me to own them.

Anyhow… I decide right then and there what I wanted.

In 1995, much to the surprise of my entire family, I Quit the Fishing Business and became a businessman.

I built and sold a couple construction companies, developed land, had rental properties, bought and built a few real estate companies, etc.

Each one of them I got to a point where they paid me to stay away.
(The last Two I sold to International Franchises).

I LOVE doing this stuff and I can help you do it too.

Would you like to learn a bit more about how you can go about buying and investing in businesses without anyone calling you, I encourage you to Click the Blue Button below and get the FREE Report I created.

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