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Carlos Acosta Commercial Real Estate Specialist

If I had to choice another Commercial Realtor to represent me in a real estate transaction Paul B. would be the person I pick. He is very knowledgeable, honest and easy to work with. Always puts his clients first.

Kyle Burke

Owner, Plainfield Financial LLC

“Paul is a quality individual whose years of experience can be incredibly valuable to small business owners. Paul knows what works and what doesn't and he teaches his clients so that they can save both time and money.”

Jim Quinn Broker

Operating Principal/Broker at Keller Williams Peace River Partners Realty, LLC

“Paul and I recently closed a $3M transaction which could have easily fallen apart, but Paul's professional persistence kept all parties engaged until the end. It was a pleasure working with Paul, and I look forward to more opportunities to work with him in the future.”

Denise Russo

Certified Life Coach

“Paul is a go-getter. He is dedicated to achieving whatever goal he sets for himself and he uses all his resources to achieve that, whether for himself or for his clients.”

Doras Davilla Commercial Lender

Looking for consultation on how to run a successful business and prepare your company for a successful sale, contact Paul Forsberg.

His most recent book on Amazon, The 5 Fundamental Elements of Every Successful and Sellable Business, is a must read for every business owner who wants to prepare their successful business transition... The Sale.

Paul, you've shared your life experiences too which I appreciate the most as it demonstrates your pure and honest nature and the GREAT person you are! Thank you for sharing!

Dr. Arian Kelley, DC

Owner, Choice Chiropractic, Orthotics, & Acupuncture

“Paul is a not only a man of character and integrity; but a great guy as well! His background, experience, and business savvy, really make Paul an asset to any business relationship. Paul knows how to harness the power of system for effective target marketing! "Two Thumbs Up for Paul!

Maryann Mize Senior VP Charlotte State Bank

I have found Paul to knowledgeable and professional in Commercial Real Estate transactions and have worked with him on several transactions. During all our transactions I have found Paul to be professional, including returning phone calls, diligent, and knowledgeable about the information about the property. This includes understanding the information needed for underwriting the projects for loan purposes.

Brien Reidy Managing Partner

Managing Partner Peak Financial

“I have known Paul Forsberg for over 20 years now. I believe he is one of the toughest men I've ever met and that is because I have seen him face adversity, physical and financial, and he would not surrender when lesser men have. Perhaps it's his family's seafaring bloodline. I will end with this example: Paul and I did a $425,000 deal on a handshake and we are still friends. Trust and integrity which lead to friendship are the rarest commodities today.”

Kristine McMahon-Pitts Movement Mortgage Lender

Amazing Business Person!

Paul is an amazing business man and person. He is a straight shooter. He looks for win-win situations where all parties in a transaction benefit. He is upfront and honest. If he says he can, he can. If he says he will, he will. I feel very lucky to have Paul as a business associate that turned into a friend.

Ron Struthers Commercial Real Estate Specialist

Paul is a work horse. When given an assignment he aggressively pursues his goals. I worked with Paul In The Charlotte market before he moved to the east coast We miss his caliber of broker in our community

Jim Beno Business Broker

Business Broker - M&A Specialist

Paul is a business broker who is a wealth of knowledge and a broker who I have sought advice from on several occasions. He is always striving and investing in himself, so he can better serve his clients.

Paul has a deep understanding of business and is a marketing genius. Besides being a best-selling author and having an extensive background in business, the number one reason I would not hesitate to do business with Paul is he is a very genuine and honest person who I know would always have my best interest at heart.

Michael Thompson Broker

Co-Founder, S.W. Florida Real Estate Investors Assoc.

“Hi highly recommend Paul to anyone interested in making money. Paul has proven time and time again to be a highly successful and ethical businessman in the field of real estate and marketing!”

Steve Duke Franchise Consultant - Business Broker

Paul is a great representative of our Business Brokerage profession.

I’ve had the pleasure and benefit of spending a great deal of time working with Paul, as well as discussing the issues of our profession and that of our clients. Paul knows our profession like few others. He demonstrates a keen appreciation for the welfare of his clients and is very well equipped to represent their interests.

Paul is an outstanding person and a great servant of his clients!

Chris Vick Owner / CEO

Owner / A Moments Notice Health Care

I have done business with Paul while I was a VP at two different banks since 2009. I have also has the pleasure of doing business with him personally as my wife and I used him to plan my exit from banking. He helped my wife and I buy a Home Health Care business in Vero Beach, Florida. The previous owner had owned the business for 27 years and Paul helped him Plan his exit strategy. I have found Paul to be professional, honest, ethical and thorough. His work ethic is second to none. His grasp of business cash flow rivals that of the best bankers I worked with in my 30 years of banking. I can wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who is looking to plan their exit from and the sale of their business. I’ve been in the banking and real estate business since 1984 and have worked with different banks, commercial real estate offices, and business brokerage companies. Paul Forsberg and Corporate Business Brokers truly live up to their Tag Line “Where Fair & Reasonable Come Together to Do Business”. They are completely focused on doing the best they possibly can for their customers and clients.

John Marin Business Broker

Broker - IBR Group

Paul is extremely knowledgeable in the business broker industry, and the fact that he wants to share his success with other brokers speaks highly of his character. I look forward to working with Paul and I appreciate him sharing his vast knowledge.

Harold Hillcher Business Broker

Business Broker

Paul is an excellent speaker and problem solver. He sets a very good example for others as a citizen, business broker, and commercial real estate investor. Paul is honest and to be trusted by anyone who does business with him.

Paul Simkins Corporate Leadership Trainer

Paul Forsberg is a man of integrity. You can count on him to be upfront and honest with you. He provides expert guidance and advice for evaluating a business and helping you plan your exit strategy.

Deb McMullen Commercial Real Estate Specialist

Paul is a detailed oriented deal maker . He watches over the balance sheet like a hawk without ever loosing sight of the strategic objective .The ultimate professional.!!!

Jason Curcio Business Broker

Business Broker Specialist

I cannot thank Paul enough. He’s the consummate professional, a mentor and now a friend. It doesn’t happen often enough in this world where someone as successful as Paul opens up his heart and is willing to give back to a profession that has rewarded him with so much. Thank you Paul again for paving the way in the business brokerage field and for sharing your knowledge with me.

Tom Guoba Director of Operations - Dauphin Sea Lab

I've Known Paul For Over 20 Years

I’ve know Paul for 20+ years. We both owned commercial fishing businesses at the time. Paul was a competitor on the water and trusted college at the dock. He has an outstanding work ethic and the foresight to go with it.

Paul Dacosta

Really Helped My Company Out ...

Paul really helped my company out. He explained all the different type of marketing that I could use and which ones he felt would work best. The results and how Paul track the results was great - Thanks Paul

TC Bradley Owner: Instant Celebrity Status

Old School Business Approach

Paul is very old school in his approach in business. A man’s word is his bond and he honors his word and agreements. Besides his expertise, Paul brings his integrity to anything he does. You will be well served by Paul…if you can get him.
TC Bradley
-#1 Best Selling Author and “Instant Celebrity Status

Brian Devine Dental Marketing Specialist

I had the pleasure of meeting Paul at a recent Mastermind event in Tampa, FL where business leaders and speakers gathered to share ideas and growth strategies. Paul was one of the very few who was asked to speak on a panel to share his knowledge and he was outstanding.

If you are looking for help with buying, building or selling a business, Paul is your man.

Joel Anderson

Executive Manager Global Welding

“I have worked hand in hand with Paul since the 1970's. He is a valued lifelong friend. Paul has consistently helped his associates, partners and clients achieve their goals both in the business arena and on a personal achievement level. The one thing I value the most in working with Paul: his viewpoint and ideas are old school, straight forward and honest. A handshake and his word can be trusted as law.”

Connie Nowel Broker Sales Associate at REMAX Anchor Realty


“Paul has a work ethic that can't be matched. He is extremely dedicated and loyal to his staff and clients. He is a strong leader, manager and marketer who knows how to move projects along and make things happen. He knows how to sell and market properties to targeted customers. Paul would be a valuable asset to any organization focused on increasing and improving sales.”

Reed Schweizer VP of Sales

Asset Quest

Paul is always ahead of the curve. He sees trends in real estate before others in in industry. He's good at his craft and he's fun to work with too.

Mark Passacantando Business Broker


Paul works hard at influencing the private company industry. He is passionate about making consultants and brokers better at what they set out to do. He is quick to offer a helping hand. His educational model is a welcome avenue to influence others and to make an impact on the business owner. I'd recommend Paul to help you become better at what you do or to have Paul's direct involvement in your business transfer and exit.

Tom Gesimondo Business Broker

Had the pleasure of attending one of Paul's workshops at the IBBA conference. What impressed me most was how actionable his advice is. He's not afraid to show you where he stumbled before he found a better way. Then he shares the stories and better way with great generosity. If you get opportunity to spend time with Paul, take advantage of it. I did, and I'm better for it.

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